3 comments on “PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Lawsuit Against SeaWorld Seeks to Expand Animal Rights Movement

  1. This is great! these orca’s must be granted constitutional rights ! Also for Lolita and Morgan! I hope God will lead these people to have the heart to set them free!! Thank you Austin! I am blessed to get all these info’s delivered right into my room 🙂

  2. its not that i dont agree with the peta org, and i agree that they do deserve these rights but they have to think, these whales cant be released back into the wild, granted thats because of us, being humans, but where will they return them to a habitat? either way we will be giving them more room but they wont know how to hunt or defnd themselves without a pod. i think they should agree upon the fact that they should not breed these whales, but as for letting these whales go, i think they should put a little more thought into the well being of the whales. and if they do want to file the suit for the whales sake, shouldnt they do it to every park that has captive orcas in them and not just file suit against seaworld parks?? not that im defending seaworld but you have to admit this is a good point.

    • Megan, in the blog I quoted from the case. It did not say for them to be released into the wild, but to find a suitable habitat/home. They can be rehabiliated slowly, and then released.

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