7 comments on “Rodeos: Forget the Myth!

  1. Austin, I want you to know that I WILL contact those companies and I WILL boycott them. You are absolutely right. How can this exist in our supposedly-civilized countries in this day and age? It is horrendous. I’m glad that you included this post, even if it is off-topic. Thanks, Austin.

    • Thank you Anne, really. This must be stopped, it has no place in the 21st century… neither does the dolphin slaughter. Thank you again. Please share around as this is another important one.

      By the way, I just so happened to Be vegetarian 😉

  2. This is revolting… How can this still be legal? How did they manage to fool us all for so long! it has to stop! it’s so naive to think no injuries result. hurting the animal to make it crazy and catching an animal by the neck with no body support will ALWAYS result in injury..

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  4. Here is a piece of advice for u so called activists, please take a rope and hang yourselfs so that the rest of the world don’t have to deal with your nonsense. Unless u know the whole aspect of rodeo shut your mouth and maybe do some research about the livestock and how they are treated like royalty and that they are worth more than you could ever imagine. Shut the hell up!

    • Tracy,
      That is a very cruel thing to say… How do you feel wishing death upon a 13 year old CHILD? You should be ashamed.

      The only non-sense here is rodeos abusing animals for money. GREED. Rodeos are nothing more than people paying to watch animals be abused and tortured, and companies wanting more money so they back them unknowingly.

      I know the whole aspect of a rodeo… and I know that professional bull riders would of course, defend their practice. But, the fact of the matter is its abuse. Plain and simple. You can throw any what you call facts in, but in the end its abuse. You are chaising an animal, and throwing a rope around its neck, body slamming it to the ground, and disabling it with a hog tie. ABUSE.

      Research was done, and posted.

      Treated like royalty? Yeah, just (as an example) pigs were spoiled with food, fattening them up and killing them. You can treat them with ‘royalty’ all you want, but that does not make up for the actions taken against them inside a rodeo.

      You only think they are worth alot because a rodeo would be absolutely nothing without them. The whole point of a rodeo is based around animals. Take them out, your done. Greed.

      You shut the hell up, Im going to post the facts whether you like it or not.. you have the choice to read it. Bye, have a nice day!

  5. well hmmmmm i thank u saying your 13 and the obvious fact that you know nothing about rodeo should be enough to let everyone know that like all the other people you are telling lies. i mean yes if u want to see these animals that are respected and that are well tacken care of with us be sold to the killer’s then just keep on saying you’r lies because if we wouldn’t buy them or the stock contractor’s wouldn’t then they would be sold to the killer’s and o just saying, i don’t really care if you comment back or not because i rodeo and have been since 2008 and been riding all my life and i love and respect my animal’s and so does every other person that rodeo’s so learn more before you start saying thing’s about something. it’s not our fault that u have been told lie’s by SHARK and other so called “organization’s” that shouldn’t even be allowed to exist for the simple fact that there’s no truth on there website’s. that’s why no one in there right mind would support them, i don’t and never will, none of my friend’s will either because of the simple fact that we know the truth and i’m happy to say that my friend will be rodeoing with me this summer 🙂 there’s another person that know’s the truth about rodeo’s and my whole family support’s me. money is part of the reason why we do it but not the whole reason, there’s other thing’s like we love doing it and the adrenaline rush both us and the horses get from it. i’ve rode steer’s and there’s no way to explaine the feeling that you get when you ride and when you get bucked off then you want to get back on and ride again and do better. this is something that keep’s the kid’s from doing bad thing’s, we work with our horse’s and are always riding or something like that, therefore we have no time to do thing’s to get in trouble.
    for all the people out there that read this and support rodeo THERE’S NOTHING THEY CAN DO TO STOP RODEO’S. LONG LIVE COWBOY’S AND COWGIRL’S. 🙂

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