3 comments on “Dolphin Meat in Taiji… A Killer from the Killers

  1. It’s nice to see these reasoned ideas on this blog. The mercury issue is the only means by which this practice will end. Anyone who cares about dolphins should focus themselves on it, because the new-age pro-dolphin arguments simply embolden Japanese.

    I guess the readership of this blog is largely pro-dolphin, which is fine, but if you want access to a broader audience–and you should–you will need to use a neutral voice in articles.

    “unexpectedly ambush dolphins”, “these fishermen, also called killermen”, “the meat from these souls”… all are emotionally charged phrases, and unnecessarily so. You make good points, and there is evidence to support them (which you should link to, by the way), but the emotion hints at bias, and that destroys your credibility.

    Rely on the power of your ideas for persuasion, not on emotion in your prose.

    • it’s interesting to hear your concept Enh, as it seems to address communicating and steering the faction that is directly involved with the dolphin exploits. There is a mass dismissal, however, of addressing those entities as they are quite spoiled by the money and life style. General approach i see is one of public awareness for the citizens who perhaps, SHOULD be well distinguished from involvement with the dolphin killers . Designating one group as good and the other as NOT so good, helps define that polarity … which the citizens can side against. Make sense? …or do you think politely addressing the killers is more effective?

  2. enh – although we have actually agreed on a couple of points, I am wondering. Do you follow any of the other blogs about Taiji? It seems that you and Dan were/are somewhat hard on Austin,who is a young activist. Maybe it would be good to go after the older activists instead of a young one. Especially, Dan.

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