9 comments on “Judge Ruled Against Freedom for Morgan the Orca

  1. What about massive, proven argument about ANTI-socialisation between Orcas at Loro Parque?! Was judge blind or blinded? (or she just reads Femida’s story TOO literally?!)

  2. I am outraged! Sadly,I think there will need to be an international law forbidding the capture of any Orca, for ANY reason, even if they are clearly sick. Since we can not trust humans to be honest and work for the best interest of the animal, we will just have to let nature take it’s course, because the alternative is UNACCEPTABLE! The rescue and rehabilitation effort is a load of crap! Keeping Morgan was their intention from the beginning. It was never a rescue effort. It was a CAPTURE!!!!
    Please let me know if there is anything going to help start an appeal. I’ll be here to sign petitions and email whoever needs to hear.

  3. This is disgusting of SeaWorld.
    It is bad enough humans being terrible to each other, but this animal has no control over this terrible treatment.
    Put it back where it belongs – in the ocean !
    Wake up people & BAN SeaWorld for inhumanity ! Get together people & release Morgan to where she belongs.

  4. It’s clear that SeaWorld only cares about money, so, as Sea Shepherd has shown us, the way to fight them is to find a way to stop them from using Morgan to enrich themselves. Boycotts, and educating the public to the reality behind all the happy hoopla SeaWorld sells is step number one. We need to have people outside SeaWorld passing out literature on this issue and getting petitions signed. Knowledge is power. It’s up to us to take hold of that power and use it. For Morgan and all the other sea life that live lives of imprisonment.

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