14 comments on “The Truth Behind Japans “Scientific Research” Whaling Activities

  1. Excellent article Austin! I just finished reading, “Salt Water Tears” by Len Varley. Although his book is primarily about the horrific dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan he does dedicate a section to whaling. A whale cannot be killed humanely due to it’s size, “The harpoon itself is fired from a single bow mounted cannon. Tipped with an explosive penthrite grenade head, the harpoon will tear a gaping hole hole of 20 to 30 mm in diameter into the body of the whale. Once embedded inside the agonised creature the grenade head will explode causing further massive trauma and extensive bleeding. Held into place by spring-loaded claws in the harpoon tip, the agonizing thrashing of the terrified creature only results in tearing the wound opened wider. The shock waves from the explosive are intended to cause extensive damage to the brain and spinal cord, which is can only mean a death measured in minutes. Such is the nature of the “scientific research” method however that a generally lower amount of explosive is used in order to preserve the whales’s flesh and not cause any undue tainting. This condemns the whale to an extended period of blinding agony, dying slowly from massive and horrific wounds. It is often the case that this first harpoon strike is not sufficient to kill the whale. In fact, approximately 60% of case the Japanese whalers require a secondary tool to complete the kill. Due to its massive size and its complex “heat exchanger” vascular system, a whale is an extremely difficult mammal to kill. One such secondary method is the use of and electric lance , although even this method does not bring about quick death and put the creature out of it’s agony. Jabbed with the electric lance the mortally wounded creature is subjected to a further gauntlet of blinding pain and additional anguish as its internal organs are fried slowly from the inside by the low voltage electrical current. The reprieve of death may be still thirty to sixty minutes away. An alternative secondary method is the rifle gun. The terrified whale is simply shot multiple times until it finally stops moving. Often the whale is suspended underwater by it’s tail until it slowly drowns in it’s own blood.
    I make no apologies for the graphic nature of this explanation. I have seen for myself the devastating result of one of the research fleet’s “surveys”, a harpooned Minke whale dying slowly and painfully, drowning and chocking on it’s own blood for almost twenty minutes before one of the “scientists” standing braced alongside the harpoon cannon on the bow of the “Yushin Maru” sampling sighting vessel ended it’s agony with several well aimed rifle shots.” (Salt Water Tears, Len Varley, 2011)

  2. This is great article and thank god for Sea Shepards and all the whales they saved by standing up to the Yushin Maru / I’m so fed up with the Japanese dolphin and whale hunters/ when is this maddness and greed going to stop?

    • Oh, Brendan:
      If only it was that simple to encapsulate…it would be that simple to resolve too.
      Sadly this is not just what some people eat. It’s a multi-layered political mess, with inter-departmental struggles inside the corridors of Nippon power, claims of racism by the entire world against Japanese, an adamant maintenance of a “traditional” food source that only really came into prominance following WWII…
      This is NOT just “let’s go fishing for whalemeat and call it research”: it’s so much bigger!
      What will finally put an end to it will be $$$$$. The whaling industry will only be stopped when its costs vastly exceed its revenue. Therefore the more that eco-warriors can hinder/stop the catch, the more expensive it becomes for the Japanese economy.


  3. Quote:
    “With the screams from this magnificent being echoing off glaciers and bergs”

    You can not hear a whale scream, that is just stupid.

    • Yes you can. It has been reported multiple times by numerous people that when a harpoon gets shot at the whale it bursts out a scream that is equal to a terrified woman’s.

  4. SEA SHEPHERD are the only organisation to get off there backsides and head to the antartic oceans to protect the whales and confront the whalers iilegal activitys..support the whales navy….

    • Not strictly correct, Tim.
      Up until just a few years ago, Greenpeace was also doing battle in the Southern Ocean with the whalers. But once Sea Shepherd came down, GP backed off – they don’t like SS at all, find them far too violent and confrontational. All GP seems to do now is “bear witness” (which sounds very churchlike and is completely at odds with their founding sentiments). Hanging banners from buildings and wearing whale suits outside conferences is one thing…but while GP is talking, SS is doing the walking!
      And then again, what of the shadowy covert direct-action group AGENDA 21, which has sunk three Norwegian whaling ships? That’s SERIOUS action!

  5. thanks for posting Austin…great work as always

    For those who are just becoming activists or are completely ignorant…this is the article to read!

    Shared everywhere!

  6. Great post. I was wondering if Japan has revealed their research finding if the action what they call was “scientific research”. Beside, it beyond my understanding, why scientific research need hundred whales?


  7. I’m very happy to read this. This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that is at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this greatest doc.

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