One comment on “Christian Compassion and Stumbling Blocks

  1. Austin, I just found this article, and there is SO much truth in it. What I have found is that many Christians learn how to use scripture like a weapon. Just as you have said. You can take things from the Bible out of context, so easily, and one verse can be misinterpreted so badly. The Bible is not something that you can take a bit out of, and make it the word of God. For example, a chapter is meant to be a chapter, not one of its verses. It is no different than taking one line out of somebody’s autobiography and saying that is what the person was like. Period.

    Christians, by the way, are not the only religion that does this. And, of course, many Christians do NOT do this.

    But, you are so right in so many ways. A very refreshing article with lots to think about.

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