7 comments on “Sea Shepherd’s 2011-2012 Anti-Whaling Campign, ‘Operation Divine Wind’ Officially Begins

  1. I am with you at all times! The divine light is around each one of you….I am so proud of all of you! Lots of love and light trough your Journey! 🙂

  2. I have a friend, a young woman, on the Bob Barker. I think about her every day. Please, everybody, could you light a candle or say a prayer or do a meditation for Marley Daviduk? And of course, to all the rest of the brave souls who are fighting for the whales’ lives. You all rock! You are all so brave – in the face of those Japanese fishing boats, trying to prop-foul them with your much smaller boats. AND that horrible monstrosity the Nisshin Maru!!!!

  3. Every time I even hear the name of that ship,the Nissan Maru I just feel sick. But, Austin, I think you are right in yor “hope” article. More and more people are thinking about these issues. I once swam with dolphins, and thought it was so cool. Then, afterwards, when I learned the full story, i was appalled. I wish i could erase that day from my life. I always tell people about it now. I feel that because of what I did, I actually, unknowingly condoned this horrible practice. So, I try to make up for it by helping other people understand BEFORE they do something like that.

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