2 comments on “Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian Arrested In Taiji, Japan

  1. Love the symbols of the candles, Austin. That is what I do on the days that dolphins are slaughtered in Taiji. I light a candle for each one. Now we’re lighting candles for our Cove Guardian – who just happens to be on my friends’ list………

  2. Not break laws? You psychotic wastes of human breath do nothing less than break laws. You are nothing more than pirating extremist fools being led by the worlds largest mongoloid village idiot Paul Watson. It’s one thing to donate to a good cause but it’s quite another to think ypersonals right to destroy personal property whether you like the person/organization or not is beside the point. Petition and donate to good causes-not act like a bunch of hippy lunatics out on the open seas. The only sadness to this story is that they didn’t arrest your lead mongoloid “captain”. Wake the hell up already, get a life and go wash your stinking hippy asses.

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