7 comments on “Taiji Fisherman Bring Dolphin to Christmas Dinner

  1. The Minister of Fisheries and the fishermen’s Union are the really sleazy players here. Playing cruel, deceptive, and manipulative mind-games in offering to not kill the dolphins for an outrageous price. Holding dolphins for ransome is a new low in their inhumane, barbaric and reprehensible massacre of dolphins.

  2. Thanks Austin. Also Sharing your post. Thanks for Caring and Telling the World about what goes on in the Japanese Town of Taiji. How cruel acts are hidden in the Cove and behind tarps. How those who are chosen are sold into lives of slavery for an entertainment center…. It is up to the World to Change the final days of the dolphins into days where there is no more terror, pain and sorrow. If the Whole World Cries Out in Protest, Taiji will be forced to change their barbaric and unnecessary ways. They way this will happen is by education to the masses and responsive public outrage and outcry.

  3. Austin, this is a really good article. It gives a good overall picture of the entire process, and especially the fact that they try to hide this horror from the eyes.of the world. Never mind. Lots of people are watching them anyway. I am going to share this article on my page. Thank you for writing it.

  4. The United States is no saint when it comes to animal welfare… however; Japan can no longer “claim” that the annual slaughter of dolphin pods is acceptable based on tradition and is humane… The World will no longer tolerate such cruelty and many have lost much respect for Japan and other countries that massacre a species for the sake of tradition and pure greed!

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