4 comments on “Captivity Tied With Taiji Dolphin Slaughter

  1. Well done Austine. It gives another perspective. I was wondering of any one has carried out study or research on how the issue itself contribute to Japanese economic. People coming to Taiji spend money, right?Those are for meal, transport and others

    • @ Muslihudin, it is cruel and unnecessary to have captive dolphins, so your question does not matter. It is also very cruel to slaughter them, particularly the way they do in Japan. Just because someone makes money on something does not make it an acceptable form of commerce.

  2. What is the real truth of who makes what in Taiji? I hear all different stories, i don’t know what to believe any more. I heard a while back a dolphin in Taiji is worth only 8.000 the dead ones 200 to 300. It does’nt matter who makes what, these poor creatures are suffering enough. Man’s ignorance, greed and uneducated like these clowns are the animals become the victims. Look at the suffering Sad and Lonley are enduring in that tiny tank. Just not buying a ticket for a dolphin show is not going to stop this slaughter in my opinion. Ric O’barry has been trying for 40 yrs. to bring this industry down, whom i respect very much for his hard work. There needs to be a dialogue in Taiji once and for all to ends this. Calling the fishermen names is not going to do it either. We have to do a different approach to save the dolphins, this can’t go on something’s got to give. I’ts not fair to these poor creatures the pain thier enduring. So what do you think will save the dolphins? Hatred is not the answer!!

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